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Signs Your Property Has Blocked Drains

blocked sewer

Blocked drains can be frustrating to have on your property. Not only are they inconvenient, but if left for too long, the impacts could cause real damage. It’s best to spot the signs early and act fast when water and structural damage are at risk. Without the proper care, the pipework in your home could present some issues.

Here are just some indications of a blocked drainage system.

Strange Odours

If strange, rotten smells come from the sinks and plugs in your home, you’re probably dealing with blocked drains. An accumulation of debris stuck in the pipework will probably start to rot and cause an unpleasant smell. This will probably be the early signs of a blockage, so it’s important to not ignore it. If left alone, it could cause further issues, like flooding for example, which is going to be more expensive to fix.

Blocked Drain

Slow Water Drainage

Blocked drains usually cause issues with things like sinks and showers. If water is draining slowly, it could mean that there is a problem somewhere in the system. This usually indicates that something is stopping the water from draining as it should. Showers especially can have a build-up of hairs, scum and cleaning products that get stuck. If you find water pooling beneath your feet and simple methods aren’t working, you should call the professionals.

Water Levels

Blocked drains can cause a multitude of other problems. Sometimes it can cause water levels to rise in places it shouldn’t. It can come up through various drains and cause some flooding. Rising toilet water can also be a symptom of this issue.

The main cause of problems like this is flushing unsuitable items down the toilet or a build-up of grease. To avoid having blocked drains in the future, be mindful of what you put into the system. Carry out regular maintenance to ensure the pipework stays clear.

blocked drain

For Help With Blocked Drains, Call Jet-Plumb Today

If you have an overflowing drain, foul-smelling sink or a slow-draining plug, ensure you call in the professionals. Whilst at-home remedies can work to a degree, sometimes there are more serious issues that lie beneath. Ensure you get this investigated to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

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