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When To Get CCTV Drain Surveys

cctv camera of drain opening

CCTV drain surveys are sometimes needed in your property for a number of reasons. The actual assessment involves specialist equipment that investigates the drainage system. Cameras are inserted and fed into the pipes, and the picture is projected onto monitors so our engineers can see what’s going on.

This technology is a great advancement in the industry because it prevents the need to manually inspect and disrupt the drainage system in your home. It allows us see any issues that might be happening on the inside, without getting our hands dirty!

So, when should you get this service? Here are some reasons why it’s so useful.

Diagnosing Problems

First and foremost, CCTV drain surveys are used to detect any issues that could be going on in your property’s system. If there is a problem that can’t yet be diagnosed, this is a great solution. As it travels through the pipes, the engineer can spot anything out of the ordinary. This includes cracked or collapsed drains, blockages, or even tree root ingress. If you suspect any issues, it’s good to get it checked out. This service might detect issues early on before they develop into more serious and more expensive issues.

CCTV footage of blocked drain to diagnose the problem

Before Construction

CCTV drain surveys are a great way to assess the condition of the system before a construction project. If thinking about a new extension or anything that involves moving around the system, this assessment can be helpful in mapping out any issues. This service can diagnose any issues so you can get them sorted before work goes ahead. This could save time and money before commencing any building work.

New Home Surveys

CCTV drain surveys are a great idea to have if you’re moving house. You’ll want to ensure that the drainage system is up to scratch. Along with all the other assessments needed, this will help to see if there are any issues during a sale. If any problems are found, like cracked pipes, you could negotiate with the owner.

cctv down a drain hole

Contact Us Today For CCTV Drain Surveys

If you think there might be a problem with your drainage system, this technology will help us to inspect and diagnose any issues without any invasive construction work.

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